These days, it’s been hard to drag my nose out of a book to do much else. But recently I started packing. I’ve sort of jumped the gun on that, because I have no idea where I’m moving, or even when. All I know is that I’m going…somewhere. And somewhere is better than nowhere, right?

Recently I’ve been obsessing over the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. I’ll do a proper review of it eventually, but holy cow. It’s been a long time since I was this invested in a YA series. It has its hits and misses, but the hits are pretty solid, including a particular scene in Heir of Fire that scent chills down my spine. I’ve been told that Hulu is going to be making a TV series based off the novels, which I’m excited about, but also a little anxious. I’ve fallen in love with more than a few of the characters (TEAM BLACKBEAK) and I really hope they’re done justice when the time comes for casting.

I’ve decided that whatever my living situation is like come this Fall, I’m definitely going to try to be at Dragon Con this year. I had a blast last year, and I’m itching to put together an Ironteeth witch costume. I’m also looking forward to seeing some podcast people, including hopefully the crew behind The Blood Crow Stories podcast, which is another recent discovery. It’s wonderfully produced and a fascinating story, with a really interesting and diverse cast! I can’t recommend it enough.

My day job has been kicking my butt lately (hurray, academia!) so it’s nice to have some fun new media to turn to when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’m infinitely grateful for the friends and family who ply me constantly with recommendations, even if I do end up hating them a little bit for contributing to my tendency to obsess over things. I’ve got a long week ahead of me, but at the end of it I’m looking forward to…well, more packing. I’ve taken apart one of my bookshelves, and I’m in the process of breaking down my YA and comics shelf in the office. My closets have been mostly emptied and I can probably put away the kitchenware I don’t use on a regular basis.  Because even if I don’t know where I’m moving, or exactly when, I know I’m moving forward – and that’s the part that matters to me the most.