What We’re Listening To #2

The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast/H.P. Podcraft is one of those things I wish I’d learned about sooner. Seriously, why didn’t anybody tell me this was a thing? Have I been a bad Lovecraft fan? Each Podcraft episode features a sample of weird fiction from various authors, ranging from Lovecraft’s contemporary and protege Robert Bloch to Edogawa Ranpo, perhaps the Japanese equivalent of Arthur Conan Doyle. Beginning with narration of the work’s opening, the episode alternates between well-recorded excerpts and discussion between hosts Chad Fifer and Christopher Lackey. Their conversations are as fun as they are insightful, and I often found myself laughing out loud as I listened. I’m currently blowing through their feed as I write this. If you love comedy, literature, and weird fiction in particular, you’ll love this podcast!

Do you like to hang out with your friends and talk shit about movies you’ve seen? Then the Man I Love Films Podcast/MILFCast is for you. Never mind polite conversation, or scripting – Hosts Kai Parker and Heather Baxendale don’t hold back. While each episode is broken into segments (the Serious Seven, The Game) they flow at an organic pace, following a trail of conversation between the hosts and the guests. I laugh, I cringe, I get annoyed with myself for being shitty at movie trivia. While the somewhat chaotic way in which episodes unfold might make it hard to follow for some, I feel that the format makes for easy listening – I often play episodes while in my car, or working at my desk. Interspersed with anecdotes from the hosts’ lives, it feels like catching up with old friends.

Cryptid Creatures is similar in format to Lore in that a sole narrator, Jesse Haynes, recounts a story backed by sound effects and ambient music. In this podcast’s case, Haynes discusses the historical context behind the legend of a cryptid, beginning with the Ozark Howler, a creature native to his neck of the woods. Linking this local legend to similar myths throughout history, he paints a bigger picture of human superstition. I love cryptid legends, and I love every interpretation of them I can get my hands on – Discovery specials, Lost Tapes, cheesy local news footage – all of it. I remember eagerly devouring wild tales of the chupacabra in my childhood. So Haynes’s podcast is right up my alley.