Stitch Fix Box #3

It’s that time of the month, again! This month I asked for navy blue and gold items, an homage to my beloved Hogwarts house after falling in love with Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them. I also asked for items suitable for layering, as the winter chill has come to South Texas at last.

The first item in my box was my first piece of jewelry. I wasn’t a fan. This silver necklace was frankly a bit boring, and I couldn’t see its appeal.

My stylist chose this blouse for me after I pinned a couple Daniel Rainn blouses to my Pinterest board. I wasn’t especially enthusiastic about it from the sneak peek, but once I tried it on I really liked the fit and color. Definitely a keeper!

I initially intended to return this shirt. I thought the fit would be a bit boxy and boring from the front. But it actually fit me pretty well, and though it’s a bit more sheer than I’d like I was leaning towards keeping it.

I pinned several plaid shirts last month, so this wasn’t really a surprise. While I wish the material of this item was thicker, I liked the fit and style enough to keep it.

Last (but not least), the Market and Spruce vest I pinned came in! It was also thinner than expected. It fit well and look led good on. I decided to keep it as well, if only because it’s so rarely really cold where I live.

All told, I kept all 5 of my items this month. There was only one I didn’t much like, and it wasn’t worth losing my Buy 5 25% discount over. Stitch Fix wins again!

I won’t be receiving another box until April, due to some travels I have planned, but I do recommend the service for those looking for a little guidance expanding their wardrobes.¬† Interested in trying Stitch Fix ¬†yourself? Use my referral link here:¬† to check it out!