Slow Going

At this point in my life, I know better than to bother with New Years resolutions. I’m perfectly aware that I should make an effort to be healthier, but also that I don’t really have the time or energy to focus on it. That’s a personal failing, and also a problem for Future Nicole. Future Nicole is not much a fan of Past Nicole, but Present Nicole just has to live with that.

It’s been slow going on a few fronts. Last year I had my first literary nonfiction published in a journal, which was a huge source of pride for me – it even won a prize! One of my few goals for 2018 is to get another piece published. I have plans to resubmit some writing I submitted last year that wasn’t accepted by any publications, which I’ve since revised. I’m also trying to rework a couple Alexandria Archives stories and hoping I get a bite on those. And I’d like to be able to produce some new pieces with the intention of submitting them to particular publications, only that’s been kind of dragging. Actually, it’s more like dead in the water. I can’t seem to get past titling a Google Doc. It’s really frustrating, considering that I can bang out an episode script or short story for the Archives in maybe a couple days. And that novel I keep meaning to finish? Yeah, that’s not going anywhere either. I feel like my writing has changed since we started the podcast. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s affected how I go about the process in general. I’ve always been a fan of genre lit, and it’s a little hard to move past that. I wish it was taken a little more seriously by publications. But I also know I need to achieve balance as a writer, and that’s totally on me. Learning to flex my skills can only help me grow.

Speaking of podcasting, remember that podcast that The Spork Review and I were working on? The one that was supposed to launch in November? That didn’t happen. To be fair, I should’ve known better – Skye and I were both pretty busy with the holidays. In addition to family commitments I’ve been working two jobs, and Skye has a lot of professional responsibilities that eat a lot of her time. We also had a slew of technical errors, ranging from malfunctioning mics to editing snafus. But at long last, we’ve got an episode recorded! With the help of the incomparable Uri Sacharow of the Alexandria Archives we got some editing done and are in the purchase of acquiring hosting, cover art, and some theme music. After that, we’ll be submitting to iTunes and Stitcher for approval. Then, at long last, Youth Services 099 will be an actual thing that people can listen to! Of course we’ll have some kinks to iron out, but I’m looking forward to watching the show develop and hopefully gain some momentum. We’re already active on Instagram and Twitter and with luck we’ll be able to keep up with things. I’m crossing my fingers that this is a successful venture.

As for the Archives, I feel like we’ve kind of plateaued as a show. It’s not a bad thing – our download numbers are good, and we’ve managed to get a decent following on social media. We knew going into this that we were unlikely to achieve the success of some bigger shows, and we were okay with that. Our primary goal was to highlight some awesome horror shorts, and I feel like we’ve definitely done that. Recently I had a chat with the guys about where to take the show from here, and we see it evolving somewhat before it draws to a close. When we first started, we didn’t know where exactly we were going to take things…we just figured we’d let them unfold for a while and figure it out from there. Now, we have a concrete endgame in mind. It’s a little scary, but overall I’m satisfied with what we’ve done here. Mostly I’m happy that it’s not going to be the end for us. I like working with Uri and Aaron too much to have it stop with the Archives. We’ve got a couple projects in mind after things wrap up and I’m looking forward to them already. Here’s hoping you are, too!

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