BookFest Fever

…or flu, anyway.

I’m back from my visit to Louisiana for the Louisiana Book Festival, and sick as a dog. Initially I thought I’d partied too hard at the author party, but by Monday morning my sinuses were in full riot. I can’t talk without sounding like I’m choking on something, which made ordering my beloved Chestnut Praline Latte a bit of an endeavor. But hey, the CPL is back! Yay?

I set out from San Antonio on Friday morning, with Marie Lu’s Warcross powering my drive. I was able to finish it on my way back to Texas, and rated it a 4/5. It was definitely a great listen, but I wasn’t expecting it to end with something of a cliffhanger! Sequel soon, please?

It rained on Friday night, but Saturday was a beautiful day for the festival. It was bright and breezy. That said, I spent most of it in the Barnes and Noble bookseller tent doing some serious damage to my bank account, or attending sessions inside the State Library. I got to meet some really cool authors, and I left town with a stack of autographed goodies.

I spent Sunday with my former housemate, who gave me still more books for my early Christmas present, and hit up some of my favorite Baton Rouge haunts.

A fun Halloween evening would’ve been the icing on the cake…but sadly, I spent mine sick in bed. I’m back at work today and trying to chug along, with my box of tissues close by. There’s not much I hate more than being sick. I do think I’m on the mend, and I’m hoping I’ll be over this by the Texas Book Festival this weekend. I intend to see still more awesome authors, pick up more signed books, and earn a few alarmed emails from my bank. In the meantime, I plan to start making a dent in my nightmarish TBR list and chug some cold medicine. Wish me luck, folks.