Stitch Fix Box #4

It’s that time of the month! Or rather, it was that time of the months two weeks ago, and I was too busy/stressed out to blog about it. My fourth Stitch Fix box came in, and it was a bit of a mixed bag. I’ll get to that. In other news, my place is mostly packed up. I’m waiting on an official start date before I make any announcements but it looks like I’ll be starting a new position by summer’s end. Exciting!

So, Stitch Fix: I was really specific about what I wanted this month. And to my stylist Ashlea’s credit, she met my requests.

I requested a new cardigan, because librarians love their cardigans. Unfortunately, the Olivina Hooded Slub Knit Cardi was a bit big on me. It hung shapeless and dull. I considered trading it in for a smaller size, but I wasn’t crazy about the sleeves either, so away it went.

I REALLY liked the Jake Distressed Cuff Short. I liked it so much I already owned another pair of shorts exactly like them. As much as I wanted to keep these, I just couldn’t justify it.

This top. I hated this top. It fit, it just looked awful on me – shapeless, saggy, and way too sheer. Enough said.

I’d specifically pinned the Chester Cargo Short, so I was SO excited to see them included in my box. Then I tried them on. They made my butt look great. They were also way too big in the crotch area. I didn’t even understand it. Is my butt to pelvis ratio off? With great sadness, these were a no.

I’d really wanted some d’Orsay flats, but according to Ashley there were none available in my size. I’d also pinned some laser cut flats, so these would’ve been a perfect substitute in any other color. The price point was great – I was so sad to reject these! But I already own one pair of gold flats, and I just didn’t need two. If these had been in tan or black, I would’ve kept them in a heartbeat.

This was my first time returning all 5 items to Stitch Fix. I can’t blame Ashlea – she really did work hard to meet all my requests. To be fair to her, there were outside circumstances: I’ve lost a bit of weight recently, affecting the fit of my clothes, and the move has me ultra wary of my spending. It just didn’t work out. But I’m not giving up on Stitch Fix! I’ll continue receiving boxes until I’m comfortable with my wardrobe, and given that I’ve donated a ton of clothes in preparation for the move, I’ve got a lot of room for growth. Let’s see how well I up my Librarian Chic game this year.

The move is going to bring a few changes with it. My new position will likely mean a lot more reading, so you can expect more book reviews on this blog, and I’ll be picking up a couple new subscriptions as well. I’m really looking forward to them! And hopefully you are, too.

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