Stitch Fix Box #2

Confession: I hate dressing myself. I’m happiest in jeans, a tee, and chucks. But when you enter the professional world, even if you CAN get away with that kind of wardrobe, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Working academia in South Texas means dealing with professors who wander into the office in flip flops and Hawaiian shirts. No one would like twice at me for being similarly attired. But they say you should dress for the job you want, not the one you have, and unfortunately I don’t have enough clout to get away with a pointy hat and witch’s robes on the regular. So I have to settle for the next best thing: gothy Rory Gilmore.

I actually own a lot of clothes. Probably too much clothes. In my quest to declutter my life I’ve given a lot of it away, but I’m still working towards that ideal capsule wardrobe. I figure with the exception of a few seasonal pieces, I should be able to get an idea of how to reliably blend comfort and something resembling style. Enter Stitch Fix.

This is actually my second fix, and the second one I’ve received only moments before bolting out the door for travels. I told myself I’d try to appreciate the unboxing a little more this time around, though. That means documentation and a review!

Next confession: I totally peeked. I don’t handle suspense well. After days of pinning pics of elbow-patch shirts and begging for one on my fix note, I was not disappointed! I was definitely most excited about the Pixley Greenich Striped Knit Top ($48). The fit was good, and I liked that the hem extended long enough for me to wear this shirt with leggings and some tall boots. Definitely a keeper!

My stylist, Kristy, was pretty great about meeting my requests this month. My plea for booties was answered with a pair of Steve Madden Tobii Booties ($90).  I’ve always wanted a pair of Steve Maddens. But these were olive green, a color that just didn’t suit me. So sad as I was about it, these had to go back.

The Loveappella Zolita Knit Dress ($64) was the item I was least impressed with. For one thing, black and white stripes aren’t super flattering. The dress also just didn’t fit. It was way too tight across my stomach and frankly made me look like I’m in my first trimester. This item went back.

I specifically asked for an infinity scarf. That said, the Look By M Amos Stripe Knit Infinity Scarf ($34) wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. While the style and fit were good, and I could tell it would be comfy warm when the weather turns, I just don’t wear these colors often enough to justify the cost. So back it went.

I pinned a picture of the Pistola Audry Moto Detail Skinny Pants ($88) ages ago, long before I’d even heard of Stitch Fix. So I was thrilled when I saw that Kristy had included a pair in my Fix this month. While I wasn’t crazy about the color, these pants fit great and were a really cool style. So I decided to keep them!

Last month there was only one item I didn’t much care for in my Fix, so I chose to take the whole lot. This month, to do so would be. However, Stitch Fix offers a 25% discount for all 5 items – and they also deduct your $20 styling fee from the total. I could’ve purchased the whole box for @223.00. But the dress and scarf just didn’t do it for me. While two of the remaining items are more pricey than what I’d typically pay for from a store, I can’t deny that they’re wearable and would fit nicely into a capsule wardrobe. So I purchased them for a total of $127.22.

My thoughts on Stitch Fix overall? While the items tend to be more pricey than what you might find in stores, I’ve found that their quality is quite good. Everything I’ve received has been well made and comfortable. That said, it’s hard to justify a monthly Fix. I’ll probably move to bimonthly, or every 3 months. Interested in trying Stitch Fix  yourself? Use my referral link here:

I think you’ll find the experiment worth your while!

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