Things We’ve Learned

The Alexandria Archives is finally 3 episodes in. “The Tunnels” went live on Friday night, late by a few days but  better for it, or so I’d like to think. We’ve already recorded a few tracks for episodes 4 and 5, and yesterday it was looking like the script for episode 6 is about complete, as well. Things tend to move in fits and starts – when we’re feeling inspired, all we can do is run with it.

I didn’t think podcasting would be as labor intensive as it turned out to be. The first thing I learned is that you’re always working on the podcast – always. Even when I’m at my day job, odds are I’ve got an in-progress story open in a browser in case I get the urge to put down a line, or a comment. i

I learned the value of a dry erase calendar, for when the 12th becomes the 19th, which becomes the 23rd, only it’s more like the 22nd because we got excited and were so pleased with how the Halloween special turned out we aired it early. Deadlines have been pushed to and fro like a hockey puck, occasionally flying off to smack someone in the face.

I learned that even the best of friendships can bend. Like, a lot. But if it starts to look like they’re in danger of breaking, it’s probably best to take a few steps back. Group work is never really easy. It might start to get easy to forget that you came together for a reason – a really good one, if I may say so myself.

And I’ve learned that first and foremost, this is supposed to be fun. And it has been fun. Even when it’s been hair-pulling, teeth-gnashing stressful, it’s been really, really fun. I get to produce content with two awesome friends, find new outlets for the stories that have been living quietly in my head for years. We made this thing, and then we sent it out into the world to see how it would do. And so far, it’s not doing too  bad. I’m excited to see how it grows, and where we go next.

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