Podcasting in Paradise

How long does it take to get a podcast off the ground, anyway? Probably a couple weeks, I figured at the outset. It started as a running joke.

Then halfway through October, a running joke became a long joke fueled by excitement and maybe more than a few beers. And suddenly, a website domain was purchased. A Facebook page set up. An argument ensued over a Twitter handle. Then we were off, careening down a seriously bumpy road. Also, the road was flooded, and there were piranhas in it. I would’ve at least liked to have anticipated the flooding.

The Facebook page was set up August 19th. The first episode of the podcast launched October 5th. About a month and a half from inception to release. It was a month and a half of commissioning artwork, disagreeing about editing decisions, writing and rewriting and rewriting again. I learned how to use a proper mic. I learned that I still really didn’t know how to use a proper mic, and also that the AC unit downstairs was a lot louder than I’d ever noticed, as was the jingle bell on my cat’s collar. I learned that it’s hard to get in the spooky, weird fiction mood when you’re mere weeks out from Halloween but the weather is balmy at most and the palm trees are thriving under a blue sky. Deadlines loomed and friendships strained. I got home from my day job and schlumped upstairs to try, yet again, to record passable audio. Then came the endless rounds of mixing and editing, all while work and social commitments loomed over head. Family travels, conventions, homework, internships. It started to feel like the damned thing would never be finished.

Then, unexpectedly, it was.

Episode 1 of The Alexandria Archives, Service Call, is by no means perfect. I won’t lie to myself about that. I might have started tearing my own hair out again over it. But it’s done – we made a thing, our team, and we sent it out into the world to see how it would fare. And that was something.

Now it’s a waiting game: waiting for results, for feedback, for some more energy so we can keep this thing rolling before it rolls right back down over us. It’s a little scary, but also pretty exciting. We’re ready for the flooding. The piranhas are probably going to take a little more work. But we’ll get there, or so I’d like to think. And that really is something.

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